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Infamous Jerry Lewis Interview Offers Lessons

Award-winning director Bob Miano explains how lessons from the awkward interview with Jerry Lewis can help you get a better interview for a corporate video.Read More

Company Video: More Than Meets the Eye

Ultimately, you want customers to visit your site. And you want those same customers to buy whatever it is you are selling.

So how do you make that a reality? When it comes to content marketing, what is most effective?

Read More

Even a Blogger with 2 Million Views Needs a Good Video

How valuable is a video in attracting customers? columnist and LinkedIn Top Voice, Dustin McKissen explains why video is critical to connecting with clients and growing your business.Read More

3 Things to Remember When Incorporating Video into Your Nonprofit Fundraising Campaign

Does your nonprofit need to reach potential funders with video? The team at offers 3 effective techniques to help your fundraising campaign.Read More