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Is 4K Right for Your Next Production?

“4K” is the hot new technology. But is it right for every production? Award-winning producer/director Bob Miano gives tips to help you decide if 4K is the best choice for your next corporate video.Read More


The Benefits of a good HD Camera?

I had lunch with a colleague the other day and I thought I’d share our conversation with you.  After talking about current projects, the discussion turned to technology, production quality, and more … Read More

It’s all about the ba-bling!

St. Louis video production company uses computer controlled camera dolly and state-of-the-art production tools to create award-winning Digital Cinema.Read More

"New St. Lou" Video Hits the Web! recently completed production of a five minute music video about St. Louis.  The video accompanies a blues musical piece composed by Paul Reuter, President of The Sheldon Concert Hall.  Paul’s song, titled “Live it Up in New St. … Read More