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Is 4K Right for Your Next Production?

“4K” is the hot new technology. But is it right for every production? Award-winning producer/director Bob Miano gives tips to help you decide if 4K is the best choice for your next corporate video.Read More

20 Nov '15

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Digital Asset Management (or “There’s a reason the acronym is DAM!”)

Veteran Director Bob Miano explains Digital Asset Management and why it is critically important to you.Read More

20 Oct '15

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The Death of Movies?

Are movies dead? Producer/Director Bob Miano of St. Louis video production company answers “Yes” and tells why we may soon see the end of the movie-going experience.Read More

Civility in Business

One of’s production partners, Dave Topping of The Topping Group, recently wrote an interesting blog post titled “Professional Courtesy.”  He makes some good points about the loss of common courtesy in the business world.

You don’t have to look … Read More